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The last but not leased, is the technique about micro-drawing. Except the difficulties of listed above, micro-drawing is the most challenging skill for us to learn. Every single production gave us so much satisfaction after we keep develop this skill. Based on a small surface but with unlimited idea come up with, that is what we called ¡§The art of model creation¡¨.

Please do not presume the outstanding models must be foreigners or from Japan. Actually, Hong Kong has got those excellent modelers, intend to keep the inspiration of model making. Miss. M.E.B.A. will sure meet the target for tomorrow and ever. I would like to speak honestly through this homepage. There are too many modelers in HK, are paying effort on creative design so as to fright for a recognition throughout the world. Realize that HK is not the city of copycat, it truly has a group of talented modelers treasure the art of model creation. Finally, wish you could enjoy your surf here.